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Come on a journey to challenge your senses


We provide intimate, personal guides that have all the advice you need to plan the perfect trip with no nasty surprises. Let us show you where to go, what to eat and find hidden events or attractions you cant miss!


The 6 Senses of Travel blog will bring a world of travel to you. Follow us to get an intimate understanding of many travel locations around the world, discover unique events and attractions, learning from new cultures.


Our journey is recorded for you, including numerous photos and guided videos that provide an intimate scope for our travel destinations. With this access you can be well informed picking your  perfect next holiday.

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Our Story

It’s a story you have heard many times before, but this time with a difference: Boy meets Girl, they drink, they dance and the boy desperately tries to charm the girl. After a journey that has already taken her all around the world it is Jana’s first day in Australia and despite the language barrier Jared decides to do everything he can to conquer her heart and so he plans the ultimate guided tour of his city, just for her. Jana accepts without knowing what events this was going to unfold: Soon a week-long stay has turned into a month and suddenly her travel plans have changed. In debt to him, Jana promises to show Jared all of the beauty she has experienced in her travels.

We have been travelling ever since, challenging our senses and discovering a 6th sense through travel, a sense of wanderlust, consistently finding a home away from home. Want to join us for the journey?

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