Liebster Award Nomination 2015

This is exciting!

We have been nominated for the Liebster Award 2015 by Julia Jerg of Jey Jetter -thank you for that Julia! 🙂

Now, what is the Liebster Award all about? The word liebster is german and means something like sweetheart, darling, beloved -however here it might also be roughly translated to favourite. It’s an award for bloggers to appreciate other bloggers and to help spreading the blogs they like.

We therefore are very honoured to be recognized and take the nomination as a big compliment.

So, as part of the rules we are asked to answer those 11 questions from Julia:

What is your biggest challenge while travelling?

For me the ultimate challenge while travelling is to not let myself be rushed by all the possibilities a yet unknown place is bearing. When I first started travelling it was very likely for me to arrive in a new city, with a couple of days time and a mind full of all the places I needed to see and things I needed to do. By now I find it more important to just take the things as they come and give myself enough time to fully enjoy and experience them.

How did you find blogging in the beginning and now?

I must say that I found it quite hard in the beginning, just because I kind of struggled to estimate how much information would be sufficient and how much would already be too much and make it boring to read. I Have experienced for myself that I am most satisfied about how my own blog entries turn out, when I start by uploading my photos and then tell the story around it.

How did you create your website/blog?

I have not had any idea at all about how all the web design stuff works, so the website was really basic to start off with. Luckily Jared is really good at it and has completely changed the look to what it is now, plus he has shown me how it works, so I am able to do quite a lot by myself now.

What’s the concept of your blog?

The 6 Senses of Travel Blog is about two people exploring the world and learning from the diverse experiences that can be found through travel. We also provide guides for countries and cities, that sum up general essential information and tips based on our own experiences, such as favourite activities, restaurants and local dishes, means of transportation and accommodation.

Have you thought about or are you already blogging for a living?

It would be an amazing way to live, but not the goal behind our blogging activity. We blog to educate fellow explorers about travel locations around the world recording all of the unique moments. It’s great to know these experiences are then stored for our memories, for our friends and family to keep track of us and to share with the broader travel community.

What is your favourite country/place you have been to?

I have really loved travelling the Fiji Islands. They have the most diverse and pristine nature that I have ever seen, constantly making you feel like you are standing in the middle of one of those divine postcard photos. Our favourite island, Waya Island, where we have spent most of our visit, also is widely untouched. There is a small resort, called Octopus Resort on the one side of the island and a indigenous town, with the most generous, buoyant and warm-hearted people on the other side. And all around, nothing but beautiful rainforest, beaches, reefs, mountains and creeks ready to be explored. It is fantastic!

What is a must have in your carry on/suitcase?

Definitely a camera. I love to capture memories as I travel, first because I enjoy looking back at them when I’ve returned home. But also because when telling stories, especially talking about foreign places and cultures, I often feel like words cannot perfectly capture how special a moment actually was. So therefore, indifferent if it’s in person to my friends or to you guys on the blog, I always prefer matching them together with the right pictures.

What was your longest trip that you have taken?

That’s a interesting question. To be exact my longest trip was the first big trip I ever been on and I haven’t returned yet. I left home about a year ago, to go on a world trip through mainly Asia, Australia and Africa and as I was meant to go home, my plans have suddenly changed. I am now, for a uncertain time stranded in Australia and honestly, it doesn’t look like I’ll be going home anytime soon.

Which places are your top 3 on your bucket list?

Definitely India! That’s a country we always wanted to go to. We find the culture, religion and lifestyle highly interesting and would love to explore the country to get a better understanding of it.

Number 2 is South East Asia. Even though being to Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore last year, we feel like there is so much more to see and we can’t wait to go back there.

And the third one is Germany. Unusual, i know. Especially though I am from Germany. But sadly I must say, that I have probably seen more of the world, than of my own country. And after meeting so many people overseas, telling me about all those great places they have been visiting there, a road trip through Germany will be essential when returning home next year.

Which nationality do you find is the most traveller type?

I have to say. From what I have experienced so far, Germans are just all around wherever you go. If that criteria makes our nationality the best traveller type in general, I dare to question. But sure is, we really like to travel and you’ll still overhear our language in the most unexpected, remote places on earth.

Where would you never go back to and why?

I was thinking about that answer for a little while now, but to be honest, I cannot think of any places I would never go back to. This might be a sign for how lucky I so far have been with my travels, but I have never had a bad experience that would keep me from going back somewhere. Naturally, there are places, that I would rather go back to then others, but that’s another story I suppose.

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Should you choose to accept this awards, the instructions are the following: Create a blog post on your site and answer the questions that we have provided below. In your post, be sure to link back to the blog who nominated you (Jared and Jana at 6sensesoftravel) with a thank you and shout out. After completing the questions, add a section for your nominees. Select, list and link 10 start-up bloggers. Include these instructions in your post. Finally, create 11 questions for the nominees to answer. Notify your nominees and provide a link to your post so that they know what to do. Once you’re done, return to this post and comment with the link to your post so we can check out your answers, too.

  1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
  2. Whats your next destination?
  3. Why do you travel?
  4. Assuming money was no issue, what would be the trip you would go for?
  5. What is your favourite international dish?
  6. What was your best travel day?
  7. Where is the best place you have ever lived?
  8. Did you ever get lost?
  9. Is there a country/ place you would not go back to?
  10. What has been your longest trip so far?
  11. Do you prefer to travel alone or with another person?
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