A beginners guide to Australian Drinking Habits

The weekend, that has just passed, has one more time proved my thesis that Australian’s are insane when it comes to partying. We started off with a nice dinner with friends at a Mexican Restaurant on Friday, followed by a night out. Then hosted a awesome houseparty on Saturday and ended the bender with a Lawn Bowls Sunday Session.


For everyone reading this, that is not Australian or has never been to Australia before, this last sentence has probably not made much of a sense. At least that is what I am assuming, thinking back at myself being a backpacker, travelling to this continent for the first time. I had no idea! But fortunately I have met more than enough Australians, who have been kind and patient enough to introduce me to this cherished cultural heritage of their country.

So let me explain:

A bender is what Australians call the status of being intoxicated for more than one day in a row. They also really like referring back to them at a later time, when they are proudly telling stories like “the 10-day-bender I once had”.

A sunday session is the act of getting together on a Sunday morning or early afternoon to drink even more alcohol, cause Friday and Saturday passed to quickly.


But even if you can probably detect some irony in my comments, to be honest it’s usually lots of fun. Especially when you are having a sunday session at a Lawn Bowls Club like we had. The sport, which’s objective it is to roll biased balls so that they stop close to a smaller ball  is quite popular here and you find the clubs everywhere. Also it’s usually pretty cheap – at our local Club it’s only 5 $ per person, plus the drinks you purchase at the bar.

It does not always have to be as fancy as that though. Surely you can also just invite a few friends over and have a private Sunday Session at home and the probably most usual approach is to gather at a venue, like a beergarden, for playing drinking games and possibly getting a bit messy or a rooftop bar for having some decent drinks, nice conversations and finally watch the sun go down.

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