3 important facts about Singapore

Singapore perfectly unifies Western and Asian culture

As the financial center of South-East-Asia the city not only draws the attention of international tourists but is also home to many international businessmen and –women. The cultural mix is present in all aspects of the city and mainly includes Malaysian, Indian, Chinese and Western influences.

Singapore might be the cleanest city you’ll ever see.

As a result of the strict laws against pollution, graffities and even against chewing gum this city is absolutely clean. You’ll be astonished by how spotless streets, pathways, public places and even the MTR stations and trains are.

Singapore is the perfect starting point for your south–east Asia travels

Located on an island off southern Malaysia the city-state is in a perfect spot to start your overland trip north, exploring countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar. Also if you are visiting Asia for the first time Singapore is the perfect possibility for you to slowly acclimatize with the new environment before diving into the foreign culture of this beautiful part of the world.

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