The Top 10 Things You Must Do On Hamilton Island

As a part of the beautiful Whitsundays, and right in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, Hamilton Island is a one of a kind holiday destination. The island is a haven of natural beauty, featuring crystal clear waters, pristine white beaches, and a kaleidoscope of coral and marine life. It is one of these places that manage to instantly capture their visitors in a state of ultimate relaxation and contentment, that the time is just flying by. So many people aren’t doing too much exploring and honestly, they’d probably still have a great time just laying at the beach all day long soaking up the sun. But let me tell you that there is so much more to Hamilton Island and it’s surroundings, so many things you definitely should not miss out on!

Here’s a guide to the Top 10 things you must do on Hamilton Island:

1.Visit Whitehaven Beach
Whitehaven Beach

If you have read any of my other entries dealing with Whitehaven Beach you will already know how much I love this place! The crystal clear aqua waters and pleasantly cool pristine silica sand, the sand banks out in the water looking like a swirl of aquamarin and white and the beautiful fish and baby sharks floating through the waters. For me this is the epitome of paradise and it is a definite must-do for everyone lucky enough to visit the Whitsunday Islands!

2. See the sunrise at Passage Peak

Passage Peak Hamilton Island

So after the first must-do, that admittedly is not exactly one of the cheapest activities, let me go on with another absolute must-do, that in contrast won’t cost you anything -but sweat and tears on the way up. Just joking, actually it is a pretty moderate hike, with heaps of pretty views. If you save it up until your day of departure though and then have to get out of bed at 4 am after a huge night out to climb up there in the rain (the only time it rained during our whole stay as well) then we are talking about a whole new level of challenge. I know what I am talking about, cause that it is exactly what we did haha. Absolutely worth it though! The view, especially with the illumination of the sun rising above the ocean was just incredible. Also you get a much better imagination of the whole scheme of the Whitsunday Islands from up there, as you realise how many little islands there are all around.


3. Spend a day at one of the secluded beaches

Hideaway Bay Hamilton Island

On the way back from Passage Peak, you do pretty much (with a little bit of attention you can spot it though the trees) pass a beautiful secluded beach called Hideaway Bay. It is quite small and you have to make it over a few rocks before you get to the nicer sandy ground in the ocean, but it is very pretty and pristine and with a bit of luck you should be the only people around. Have a look around in the water as well, as usually you can spot little reef sharks in the shallow banks of the ocean. We have spotted some on the right end of the beach near the big rocks.


4. Go snorkeling with the turtles

Sailing the Whitsunday Islands

The corals and marine life around the Whitsundays are part of the Great Barrier Reef and are simply amazing and the best thing about it is: If you are staying at Hamilton Island you can easily access a beautiful reef from the main beach. Just hire some snorkel gear at the Beach hut and swim out for a few hundred meters and there you are, right in the middle of it. Pretty fish, colourful corals and even turtles! Of course you will need some patience and maybe a little bit of luck to spot them, but the chances are on your side.


5. Spoil yourself with a nice dinner at the Marina

Restaurant Marinera Hamilton Island Marina

After all the hiking and snorkeling it is time to relax a bit and grand yourself a nice dinner. No better place to go than the Hamilton Island Marina. It’s not only where all the super expensive Yachts are anchored and the shopping  is done, it also is the place where everything is happening at night and when the sun sets it evolves a very elegant and romantic atmosphere, with lots of restaurants and bars and even a nightclub. There definitely are a lot of great spots at the Marina but my absolute favourite was the Mariners Seafood Restaurant. If delicious food, perfect service, a great atmosphere and stunning views at the Marina and the sunset are what you are looking for this should be your choice.

6.Take your buggy on a scenic drive around the island

One Tree Hill Hamilton Island

Another free opportunity that you should not miss is taking your buggy for a drive. All accommodation on Hamilton Island comes with a buggy that you can use as your own means of transport as much as you want. Make the most of it! Take it on a to to explore all the roads of the island – even, or especially the ones you do not know where they are leading to. There is so much to find, like a tiny little island school or a very storybook-like chapel on the top of a hill. And then there is the views, just beautiful, especially from up at One Tree Hill.

7. Enjoy drinks with a view at the One Tree Hill Bar
One Tree Hill Bar Hamilton Island

And now that you have already made it up to this amazing place, make sure that you make the most of it and get yourself a drink at the One Tree Hill Bar. A very special place right on the edge of the hill with breathtaking views over Catseye Beach and the ocean. Drinks are very yummy as well: The Apple Mojito and the Iced Berry Tea Cocktail were so good!

8. Hire some watersport equipment at Catseye Beach


Enough of the relaxation for now? Then you should definitely go down to the Beach Hut located at the western end of Catseye Beach and rent some of their watersports equipment. This includes catamarans, windsurf boards, stand up paddle boards and snorkeling gear. We have rented both the SPB’s and the catamarans several times and it always was so much fun! The catamarans are quite easy to handle after you have figured out how to navigate around, which makes it very relaxing to just cruise around and enjoy the sunshine and beautiful views from the water. The stand up paddle boards were my favourites though, they are a fair bit more challenging, engaging your whole body when you steer the paddle through the water (especially when speeding up a bit). But it definitely is a very nice way to workout, as the breeze and the splashing cool water makes it perfectly enjoyable. It’s a great way to get a good tan as well!

9. Participate at the activities and win lots of free stuff


Hamilton Island has a lot of weekly activities going on to keep it’s guests entertained, such as a Bowling and a Pool competition, a Buggy Rally and several Bingo evenings. These events are usually quite fun, but the best part of it is that there is a large chance to win prizes, starting from meal vouchers for the Hamilton Island restaurants up to activities like sunset kayak tours or ATV adventures for 2 people, valued around 150 AU$. Not bad, huh?

10. Visit the pool bar for happy hour


If you are getting a bit “thirsty” after a day spend at the beach, you should consider making the short way over to the Dolphin Pool (western side of Catseye Beach) and spoil yourself with a delicious cocktail from the pool bar. They are usually pretty expensive so try to get there between 3 and 4 pm for Happy Hour!

How to visit the Marina Bay Sands Sky Deck – A night at Ce La Vi Skybar

I dare say that the Marina Bay Sands with it’s unique design ( the top deck is shaped like a giant ship, resting on three seperate skyscapers ) is Singapore’s most iconic landmark. The building hosts a casino and the 5-star Marina Bay Sands Resort, featuring a wide range of spa amenities, numerous bars and restaurants and a spectacular Sky Deck with a luxurious 150 metre long infinity pool. It is an incredible architectural masterpiece with views that are absolutely one-of-a-kind. The sad part is, that it’s amenities, including the larger area of the Sky Deck and the pool are exclusively for guests of the resort and that the room rates start at around 400 $ a night.

But don’t be discouraged just yet, as I am going to tell you now, how me and my friend still got up to the top and had a great night high above the city.

Singapore Gardens by the Bay

Singapore Gardens by the Bay

We started our evening with a beautiful walk around the Singapore Marina, right where the Marina Bay Sands is located. After checking out the Merlion statue, the national icon of Singapore with the head of a lion and the body of a fish and several architectural masterpieces showcased around the water arm, such as the Esplanade that is shaped like a durian. If you plan a trip here, also make sure you are there to see Wonder Full. The light and water show displayed everyday at 8.00, 9.30 and 11.00 pm is an absolute highlight, making the waters of the Marina reflect the beams of light that are coming from the Sky Deck of the Marina Bay Sands.


After that, get yourself some dinner at one of the close by asian food courts. The one we have been to was a big open-air space with eating tables, surrounded by a huge number of little hawkers stalls. There are plenty of reasons why this must me my absolute favourite dining option when in South East Asia. First, it’s fresh and delicious! The food is being cooked fresh right in front of your eyes and always is surprisingly good. Also you get a huge variety of choices, which is most fun if you are a group of people and just get heaps of different, yummy-looking plates of “whatever-that-is” to share. And then it also is the most authentic way to eat out: Being right in the middle of all the buzz, surrounded by the different smells of cooking food, the sound of laughter, vital conversations and hawkers loudly advertising their treats, maybe even sharing a big table with locals, for me is the epitome of what travel means. Also it is usually very cheap. And believe me, when you are travelling on a budget this will be a much better option than investing a lot of money in a luxurious dinner in one of the Marina Bay Sands restaurants.

After dinner it is getting time to make your way up to the Skybar, as you’d want to try to get there before 9 pm to avoid the entrance fee (that’s on weekends). You enter the hotel lobby through the main entrance or through the neighbouring shopping centre The Shoppes. Once in the lobby all you have to do is to search for the right elevator to take you up to the bar. Look out for a big sign saying Ce La Vie and a concierge monitoring the numbers of people entering the elevator and their dress code. In my experience the dress code ( stylish-chic ) wasn’t very strict at all, just make sure to look proper, don’t wear flip-flops, shorts or singlets and you’ll be sweet.


And that’s it. You’ll be in the elevator in no time, making your way up to the top ( level 57! ). Once you get out it’s only a few steps towards the balcony and the views down on the Marina Bay Skyline will blow your mind. It is incredibly bright and shiny under the dark night sky and the reflections on the water make it look even the more dramatic. If you can, pick a bar table at the edge of the balcony ( these will be taken in no time once it gets a bit later and more people come in for a night out ), then wait for a waiter to come and hand you over the cocktail menu. It’s worth checking it out, before going for the easy way out and ordering a spirit, as there are some incredible creations on there. I can still perfectly remember what I had: the Geisha, made with fragrant nashi pears, Tanqueray Ten gin, rosemary and saké. Super extraordinary taste, loved it! It does cost about 25 Singapore Dollars if I remember it correctly, but if you were to go to the SkyDeck you’d pay the same money simply for admission. And how much better is it, to enjoy the view with a beautiful drink in your hand and great music from a phenomenal roof-top bar setting hosting a mix of international and local people out for a great night, than to be perched on a void viewing platform with a crowd of wildly selfie-taking tourists? Yes, i know, i’ve got a point!

So make sure you give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the marvellous views in all directions and soak in the great peaceful feeling you get from being so high above the ground, that everything else starts to feel far away and almost unreal.  Now, depending on if you are still feeling in spending mood, maybe get another drink and have a little boogie on the dance floor, or make your way back down, where you if not in the mood to go home yet can still go for a nice stroll through the gardens by the bay (just across the street). In my opinion the Super Trees become even more beautiful once you’re feeling a bit tipsy.



How I fell in love with Singapore! – First Day Itinerary

Singapore has been the first Asian city I have ever travelled to, making me love this beautiful continent from the very start. It has been so different to everything I had ever known before: so diverse, vibrant and full of adventures and foreign places ready to be explored. This city has instantly captured my imagination and still now, after travelling a rather large part of South-East-Asia, it still is one of my absolute favourite cities. With the exciting combination of Chinese, Indian, Malay and Western influences, Singapore is truly a cultural melting pot. From great nature over delicious street-food, giant skyscrapers, bustling markets, amazing light shows to contemporary arts – Singapore doesn’t cease to surprise you over and over again!

I’ll have to add: These days in Singapore have worked out absolutely perfect for us. We have been very lucky to just randomly stumble across incredible places,meet awesome locals to show us around and I am pretty sure that if things had gone differently I might have not enjoyed our stay as much as I did.

So therefore, here is a new guide to help you start of your Singapore Adventure right and make you fall in love with this city, too.


Start your day at Chinatown. The cramped five-foot-ways, dingy alleys and raucous street hawkers will be the perfect introduction to the cultural heritage of the city.You could easily spend the whole day wandering through these still-narrow streets, strolling past family-run goldsmiths, medicinal halls and teahouses, but also some more modern shops. Chinatown also is where Hindu temples and mosques sit right next to Chinese temples, perfectly capturing the spirit of the entire city. Leave yourself some time to explore both the streets and temples, grab some lunch at one of the hawker stalls at the Chinatown Food Street and then make your way to the Gardens by the Bay.

12620447_1119636398060091_1314475764_oThe Gardens by the Bay are an amazing place. Right in between the modern business district of the city and the ocean they are enormous public garden facilities with great views on the Marina Bay Sands. There is heaps to do here, but I’d suggest you start of with a visit to the Cloud Forest. It’s one of the two domes featured in the gardens and is designed to take you up high into a mysterious mountain world, with lush vegetation and pretty waterfalls.


It’s also a very informative place where you can learn interesting facts about plants and our environment. Afterwards you can either check out the Flower Dome or have a wander around the gardens. Definitely check out the boardwalk over the Dragonfly Lake as well!


Then for dinner check out Satay by the Bay. It’s a nice little food court right in the heart of the gardens, hosting local food stalls. You’ll notice that a large number of them are specialising in Satay, which is a typically local dish of seasoned, skewered and grilled meat, served with peanut sauce. Definitely get yourself a good amount of these: they are great! The dining experience is rounded off by the ridiculously small tables and chairs, often to be found in asian countries.


Finished your meal? Alright, let’s go on. There is one more stop that you should not miss out on at the Gardens by the Bay, literally my favourite experience in Singapore at all: the Super Trees! Measuring between 25 and 50 metres tall, they are massive vertical gardens in a unique tree-like look that is created through a trunks and large outspreading canopies. If you have already seen them earlier in the day (which is pretty likely, as they are towering up high above the gardens) you’ll be surprised by how different they look once it’s getting dark. Get there around 8 pm, look for a nice place to sit down close to the trees (the little plaza in between the biggest ones is perfect) and then wait. What you are waiting for you wonder? It’s called the Garden Rhapsody and basically is a light and sound show, bringing the Super Trees to live in bright colourful variations of light that are aligned to the sounds of classical music. It is absolutely stunning to watch and one of my most distinct memories of Singapore still is laying on the floor at the Gardens by the Bay, looking towards the sky and letting my mind drift away while watching these giant trees glow far above my head. This must have been the moment I fell in love!


A beginners guide to Australian Drinking Habits

The weekend, that has just passed, has one more time proved my thesis that Australian’s are insane when it comes to partying. We started off with a nice dinner with friends at a Mexican Restaurant on Friday, followed by a night out. Then hosted a awesome houseparty on Saturday and ended the bender with a Lawn Bowls Sunday Session.


For everyone reading this, that is not Australian or has never been to Australia before, this last sentence has probably not made much of a sense. At least that is what I am assuming, thinking back at myself being a backpacker, travelling to this continent for the first time. I had no idea! But fortunately I have met more than enough Australians, who have been kind and patient enough to introduce me to this cherished cultural heritage of their country.

So let me explain:

A bender is what Australians call the status of being intoxicated for more than one day in a row. They also really like referring back to them at a later time, when they are proudly telling stories like “the 10-day-bender I once had”.

A sunday session is the act of getting together on a Sunday morning or early afternoon to drink even more alcohol, cause Friday and Saturday passed to quickly.


But even if you can probably detect some irony in my comments, to be honest it’s usually lots of fun. Especially when you are having a sunday session at a Lawn Bowls Club like we had. The sport, which’s objective it is to roll biased balls so that they stop close to a smaller ball  is quite popular here and you find the clubs everywhere. Also it’s usually pretty cheap – at our local Club it’s only 5 $ per person, plus the drinks you purchase at the bar.

It does not always have to be as fancy as that though. Surely you can also just invite a few friends over and have a private Sunday Session at home and the probably most usual approach is to gather at a venue, like a beergarden, for playing drinking games and possibly getting a bit messy or a rooftop bar for having some decent drinks, nice conversations and finally watch the sun go down.

The top 10 things you must do on Fraser Island

The worlds biggest sand island, iconic Fraser Island just off the eastern coast of Australia is a place of exceptional beauty. Featuring long uninterrupted white beaches flanked by strikingly coloured sand cliffs, and a multitude of pristine blue fresh water lakes ringed by white sandy beaches and ancient rainforests growing on sand along the banks of fast-flowing, crystal-clear creeks. This place certainly is an exceptional haven of nature and hides a massive potential for both the adventurous traveller and the relaxation-seeking vacationer.

Here’s a guide to the top 10 things to do that should be on everyones list:


1. Visit Lake McKenzie


Here’s a fact. If you ask any person that has ever been to Fraser Island before about the best, most beautiful thing on the island they will all give you the same answer: the lakes. Fraser has about a hundred (!) of them. Some of them are small and rather tea-coloured, but many are very big with beautiful crystal-clear waters. The most popular of all of these lakes is Lake McKenzie.

The ‘perched’ lake, contains only rainwater, no groundwater and is not fed by streams, making it as amazingly pristine that you can open your eyes under the surface and still see perfectly clear. The sand surrounding the lake is pure, white silica and is not only beautiful to look at but feels incredibly soft to walk on. All together the lake is a true natural masterpiece featuring endlessly fascinating colours: The water hitting the shore is crystal clear and aquamarine in colour, until it in a perfect straight line it changes to a dark blue. Enclosed by the white sand and the rainforest this creates a extraordinary view and a great location to take some pretty photos at.


2. Enjoy the view from the top of Indian Head


Indian head is Fraser Islands most eastern point. The coastal headland has once been created by volcanic activity and is a great spot to marvel at the 360 degree panoramic views over the island and a true photographers delight. The path up to Indian Head is a rough one, especially when you’re in holiday mode and with the high temperatures, that Fraser Island is usually getting but the reward is certainly awaiting you once you’ve made it to the top. The outlook over 75 mile beach and the steep surrounding cliffs are amazing!

Plus, the great location and the superb clearness of the surrounding waters make it an awesome spot for wildlife spotting. With a bit of luck you can see sharks, rays, turtles dolphins and in the right season even whales!


3. Float along Eli Creek


Need to cool down? Head down the eastern coast of Fraser for a dip in the largest freshwater creek on the island. It is located along Seventy Five Mile Beach and therefore just a short drive away from multiple other attractions such as Indian Head, the Maheno Shipwreck or the Pinnacles, making it the perfect spot to have a little rest and cool down from the hot temperatures. Sounds good? Let’s here more about it!

Eli Creek is  the largest freshwater creek on the island and no doubt an area that showcases the amazing wonders of nature. The stream that is surrounded by rainforest carries pure, crystal clear and stone-cold water from a spring in the water table to the ocean beach. You can walk up a boardwalk that in the end allows you to jump into the water, which then pleasantly floats you all the way back out on the beach. It honestly is so much fun. And, an insiders tip: Take a swimming ring down there and experience the ultimate relaxation!


4. Try boogie boarding at Lake Wabby


A bit further inland you can find Lake Wabby, another beautiful lake on the island and even though, it can not impress with the same water quality as Lake McKenzie, it most definitely is still worth a trip. What Lake Wabby has to offer more than anything is great amusement. With huge sand dunes dropping straight into the lake it is the ideal place to bring a boogie board to. Just walk up to the top of the dune and then slide all the way down into the water. It’s great! Afterwards go sit down in the water and revive yourself while letting your feet be pedicured by little fishies. No joke! Ever heard of the asian fish spas? Hundreds of these fish are populate Lake Wabby and they’ll start surrounding you as soon as you stop moving. But there’s no reason to freak out, they are pretty funny to watch and quite cute, too.

Also, on your way to the lake check out the lookout! You’ll get an awesome view over Lake Wabby, the giant patch of sand dunes stretching out to the side of it and the ocean! Photo-time!



5. Go for a dip in the Champagne Pools


Little disappointed you didn’t get to swim in the ocean yet? You can cheer up now! I’ll just say one thing: natural jacuzzi! How does that sound? The Champagne Pools on the northern side of the island are exactly that. The shallow sandy pools, formed by volcanic rocks are located right next to the ocean, making the waves crash into them, with such a power that once the water has settled you are left with a tickling foam of air bubbles ( just like the name reveals ). It’s a great place to be, both exciting and relaxing at the same time. A must-do on your trip!

6. Check out the shipwreck of the old Maheno


Thinking I am running out of sights to tell you about? Here’s one more. Even though it might be a bit of an unconventional one. The shipwreck of the SS Maheno. Build to be a cruise ship and later being converted to be a hospital ship in World War 1 the Maheno was washed on the Fraser Coast during a cyclone and has after various attempts of refloating it been abandoned. Today it has sunk in the sand to a big part and the saltwater slowly keeps deteriorating what’s left of it. But it still looks very pretty as it is laying there on the beach and it definitely is worth checking it out.

7. Have a try at driving on sand


Ever driven on sand before? No?! Now is the time to change that! Pretty much all transport on the island is by car. By 4 wheel drive to be exact, as Fraser Island has no bitumen roads. That means that there are two possibilities for getting from one place to the other. First, there are the inland roads: very bumpy and winding, but on the positive side they are super fun to drive on and they lead you straight through the rainforest. And then, you can also drive straight on the beach (my favourite): great feeling with the windows down and some good music playing. If you get the chance, you should definitely give it a try!

8. Go Dingo-spotting


If you are lucky, you might be able to spot one of these cuties. This pretty dog is a Dingo, one of Australia’s legendary wild-dogs that are freely roaming the island. And with that said, just because they look cute does not mean that it is a good idea to touch them. It definitely isn’t! But as long as you keep your distance and observe them from further away, they won’t mind you.

9. Take a sunset walk along 75 Mile Beach


75 Mile Beach is truly one of the most incredible beaches i have ever seen. Stretching along the complete eastern coast of Fraser Island it is so enormous in it’s length that you can look both up and down the beach without even being able to make out where the end or the beginning could be. And this amazing view does even get better when the sun starts setting and suddenly the whole sky and sea is painted in bright shades of orange.

As most camping grounds are situated right behind the dunes that go along the beach and most other accomodation is very close as well it is the perfect opportunity to go for a nice afternoon walk, once the heat has calmed down.

10. Admire the natural beauty of the rainforest


Fraser Islands rainforest is beautiful! The deeper you go into it the wilder and unspoiled it becomes, featuring huge trees with up to three metre girths, towering pines, ancient giant ferns and eucalypt forests. And if that wouldn’t be fascinating enough, think about that all of this is growing on nothing but sand!


A Day In Prek Svay Fishing Village – Koh Rong Cambodia

Asia is well known for it’s unique cultures and friendly people, however this can often be hard to find through a typical sightseeing journey. Many capital cities and tourism hotspots have been developed mainly for travellers and a truly unique experience with local people can be hard to find. Prek Svay fishing village provided one of these culturally unique opportunities to interact with local Cambodian people untouched from the industry of tourism and with no expectations on your interaction with them.

Located on north of Koh Rong island this local fishing village is not easily accessible from most of the island, however it’s only a short walk from Palm Beach Bungalows. Depending on the tides the walk can be made along the beach in low tide or along a sand road through jungle (See map below).

Map of Koh Rong island - Cambodia

Map of Koh Rong island – Cambodia

The tide was too high for us to walk along the beach so we began the journey taking the longer sand road path. It was a warm day and sand is not the easiest to walk on so we don’t recommend starting at 11am! Early morning or late afternoon would be the best if the tides allow.

Our last look at the ocean before our trek to Prek Svay

Our last look at the ocean before our trek to Prek Svay

It is easy to get exhausted in these conditions and after 10 minutes of walking we were both keen to relax, but with no opportunities to sit down we kept going. 20 minutes passed and with many different paths to follow we started to worry about our positioning and if maybe we were lost!

It’s a relaxing and peaceful walk, but easier when the temperature isn’t 38 degrees

However we continued walking and soon a motorbike with two young locals passed us. We assumed that following the trail of the bike would safely bring us to the village. Another 10 minutes of walking passed and we could finally see a large building in the distance. We had been told that this should be the local school and luckily it was!

We made it! The first building of Prek Svay Village

We made it! The Prek Svay Village school

The schools only swing

No school today and the area was very quiet, we took a moment to have a drink at the school swing

After walking further into the village we sat down at a table and saw some young monks curiously looking at us from a building in the distance. We waived at them and immediately they came over to see what we were doing. We quickly noticed that spoken communication was difficult so we shared some high fives and showed them how our camera worked.

Young monk keen to show off some poses

Our next priority was to find somewhere in the village to buy some water as we had finished the bottles we brought with us. It was a nice change to be walking through an area and not have the constant requests to eat and drink in the street venues, however at this point we were very keen to speak with someone.

The village starts to come to life with more houses and people

The village starts to come to life with more houses and people

We found a store with some english items written on a sign at the front and we immediately purchased some water and a coconut.

The biggest watermelon we have ever had in Asia

The biggest coconut we have ever had in Asia

While drinking the coconut a lovely lady came over and showed us some cashews saying “$1 dollar”. Also feeling a little bit hungry we purchased a packet and the lady proceeded to show us how she made them. First picking them from the tree, the pan roasting them and peeling the cooked nut from it’s shell. After we had finished our coconut she then offered to chop it in half and seperate it’s flesh so it could be eaten.

Freshly roasted cashews

Freshly roasted cashews

The coconut being flesh prepared

The coconut flesh being prepared

After finishing what can only be called a meal for what the size of the coconut was, we continued to exchange english words for Cambodian with a few of the locals who had arrived to say hello. We were then directed to the the main housing area located on the river which is where most of the village reside. A beautiful river with houses on each side made for one of the truly impressive photo opportunities.

The entrance into Prek Svay Fishing Village is a beautiful site

The river entrance into Prek Svay Fishing Village is a beautiful site

Prek Svay fishing villiage, a place truly untouched from tourism

Prek Svay fishing villiage, a place truly untouched from tourism

Just when we thought our journey was over, we stumbled across a cute little puppy and managed to work our way into a pool game. Topping off what had been an amazing day.

BIG smile from this very playful puppy

BIG smile from this very playful puppy

The language barrier didn't matter for a game of pool

The language barrier didn’t matter for a game of pool

Now that the tide has dropped we could make the much more enjoyable walk back with a swim stop every 50 meters.

The tide has dropped for a relaxing walk back to palm Beach

The tide has dropped for a relaxing walk back to the Palm Beach Bungalows

Find out more about our 3 night experience at Koh Rong Island. Including our advice for staying at Koh Rong and how to swim with glow in the dark plankton!

3 important facts about Singapore

Singapore perfectly unifies Western and Asian culture

As the financial center of South-East-Asia the city not only draws the attention of international tourists but is also home to many international businessmen and –women. The cultural mix is present in all aspects of the city and mainly includes Malaysian, Indian, Chinese and Western influences.

Singapore might be the cleanest city you’ll ever see.

As a result of the strict laws against pollution, graffities and even against chewing gum this city is absolutely clean. You’ll be astonished by how spotless streets, pathways, public places and even the MTR stations and trains are.

Singapore is the perfect starting point for your south–east Asia travels

Located on an island off southern Malaysia the city-state is in a perfect spot to start your overland trip north, exploring countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar. Also if you are visiting Asia for the first time Singapore is the perfect possibility for you to slowly acclimatize with the new environment before diving into the foreign culture of this beautiful part of the world.