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A night full of surprises

Today we were meant to drive all the way to Townsville, from where we want to take the ferry to Magnetic Island tomorrow morning. But unfortunately we only came to start our drive when it was already afternoon and so we we already knew that we were going to struggle to arrive there in time […]

Exploring the waterfalls

Today we spent the day at the beautiful waterfalls of Crystal Creek. It is just approximately half an hour away from Cairns, but as there are no buses going there it does nearly not get any backpackers at all. It is definitely worth a visit though. Not only are the waterfalls very nice to look […]

A rainy day at the rainforest

As you should probably expect, when doing a trip into the rainforest, today was veery rainy. Our day has already started wet when we were waking up this morning in our soaked sheets in the back of our camper van, which what we know now is obviously not waterproof. Luckily the temperature is still incredibly […]

On the road!

We have picked up our camper this morning and it was pretty scary at first. Driving on the left side of the street can be quite confusing when you have never done it before. Not only, that have to remind yourself to stay on the correct side every time that you turn left or right, […]

Happy new year!

We are back at the hotel after a long, exhausting, awesome night. We have started to celebrate the new year with a pub crawl and then went to see the fireworks with thousands of other people down at the Lagoon. It was a beautiful setting with the palms, the ocean and the life music in […]

The Lagoon

To be honest the city of Cairns is pretty small and there is not so much to do there, but one thing that is definitely worth one, or multiple visits is the Lagoon. As you can’t swim in the ocean in that part of Australia due to the threat of stingers and crocodiles, the lagoon […]

Scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef- alone!

We have had an absolutely amazing day today, scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef. The world’s largest coral reef is an absolute icon and it’s probably every scuba diver’s dream to get to explore it once. For us that dream came true today. We went out on the reef with a ProDive Cairns boat […]

A night out in Cairns

We have had a pretty wild night last night, celebrating our first day in Australia. As a guest of Gilligan’s you get a free dinner with the first alcoholic drink that you purchase at their bar. We went there to try it out but didn’t expect too much to be honest, but the food (I […]

Hello Down Under!

We have just landed in Cairns this morning and it still feels pretty weird to be back in a surrounding that is as modern and progressive as we know it from back home. But there is no time to mourn after what we left behind, as we are already looking forward to starting our next […]