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Palm Beach Bungalow Resort – Koh Rong Cambodia

Located on the North Of Koh Rong Island, Palm Beach Bungalow Resort is a slice of island paradise with white beaches, comfortable wooden bungalows and entertaining facilities. Only accessible via a private resort boat from Sihanoukville the location is hidden away from the rest of the island but still has enough activities to keep you busy for […]

The fantastic glowing Plankton that lights up Cambodias ocean

Cambodia is an incredible country. From the enormous temples of Angkor, the buzzing capital of Phnom Penh, secluded island paradises, sheer endless kilometres of unspoiled tropical beaches, the mighty Mekong River, to a vibrant culture and some of the friendliest people around, this country has it all. There is so much to see and even more to […]

A Day In Prek Svay Fishing Village – Koh Rong Cambodia

Asia is well known for it’s unique cultures and friendly people, however this can often be hard to find through a typical sightseeing journey. Many capital cities and tourism hotspots have been developed mainly for travellers and a truly unique experience with local people can be hard to find. Prek Svay fishing village provided one of these […]

Koh Rong Cambodia – Everything You Need To Know

Koh Rong is a beautiful island 2 hours west of Sihanoukville,  with resorts scattered across various locations, providing something for everyone from comfortable budget beach bungalows to luxurious resorts. The main area of the island is ‘koh Touch’ beach located on the south of the island this can be accessed from Sihanoukville with regular ferry […]

How to Travel Kuala Lumpur to Penang

The route from Kuala Lumpur to Penang has become very popular travel path, as most good value flights into Asia will be arriving in Kuala Lumpur and Penang offers many flexible options for continued travel through the Thailand islands (Penang also being an amazing island). We found the easiest and cheapest option for making the […]

Wandering through the Glasshouse Mountains

Isn’t this beautiful? What you can see here is called the Glasshouse Mountains and with only an hours drive north from Brisbane, it is my absolute favourite nature spot in the area. Strangely, this incredible wonder of nature often stays beyond the spotlight for many tourists, as the popularity of the mountains is not what […]

A perfect day at Bondi Beach

Had the best day ever at Bondi Beach today! We started with a sweet breakfast with this awesome view at a lovely little beach front café, before we went down to the beach to spend a few hours soaking in the sun and relaxing in the sand. It quickly got super hot and we were […]

The second day of our Sydney trip

After starting the day indulging in pastries and fresh fruit at The Menzies buffet breakfast, we went to explore the inner city of Sydney, heading in direction Hyde Park. I really enjoyed the look of the big avenues, featuring a mix of ancient and modern architecture, artistic elements and a surprisingly generous placements of trees. We visited […]

First day in Sydney

What an awesome day! After a little refresh at the hotel room we were ready to explore the city. And as we hoped the weather was great. Actually it was much more than what we were even hoping for: Extremely warm and sunny, without one cloud in the sky. Perfect conditions to go on a […]

Latest news! We are off to Sydney!

We are currently sitting in the arrival hall of the Sydney airport, waiting for our baggage, therefore I’ve got a few minutes for an update. This morning we have had a super early start. Following the invitation of the Royal Exchange Hotel (thank you so much for that, by the way), we made our way […]