Wandering through the Glasshouse Mountains

Isn’t this beautiful? What you can see here is called the Glasshouse Mountains and with only an hours drive north from Brisbane, it is my absolute favourite nature spot in the area. Strangely, this incredible wonder of nature often stays beyond the spotlight for many tourists, as the popularity of the mountains is not what they’d deserve. Now, this is not exactly a sad thing, allowing the Glass House Mountain National Park to sustain that typical feeling, that usually comes with “insider tips”. Being out here, right in the centre of the forest or even far up one of these mountains, it feels like time is holding on. The peacefulness of nature and the awe-inspiring views on gigantic mountains towering up in the distance is incomparable.

The most impressive of them is without a doubt Mount Tibrogargan: Steeply sloping to all sides it has one cliff that resembles a face looking towards the ocean. There is a hiking trail that leads up to the it’s summit, from where you get amazing views. Yet, in numerous spots the hike is more of a free climb up vertical rock faces. This is super demanding and can be pretty dangerous as well, so please only take on this trail if you are in great fitness. If you are though, enjoy! This hike often gets mentioned as the Sunshine Coast’s best natural work out!

If you’d rather play it a bit safer, Mt Beerburrum should be your choice! This is a moderate hike up to the mountain top, with a beautiful view over the mountain skyline of the Glasshouse Mountains!

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