A perfect day at Bondi Beach

Had the best day ever at Bondi Beach today! We started with a sweet breakfast with this awesome view at a lovely little beach front café, before we went down to the beach to spend a few hours soaking in the sun and relaxing in the sand. It quickly got super hot and we were very glad that we had the cool ocean nearby to cool ourselves down.


Bondi Beach is one of Australia’s most famous and most visited beaches. One reason for that definitely is it’s iconic look, nestled in a bay with stretches of land secluding it to both sides. But the area surrounding the beach might just play as big a role for the attraction of those large numbers of tourists. Bondi Beach is a very vivid suburb of Sydney, that is popular for it’s unique lifestyle. Bondi Residents are quite international and usually very active people, with a healthy and modern lifestyle. There are beautiful cafés and restaurants everywhere and the nightlife is booming. All this contributes to make Bondi one of the most popular tourist attractions in Australia and despite the high rents, makes many backpackers temporarily settle down in this area.


After getting a good tan at the beach we went on the Coastal Walk that is connecting Bondi to Coogee, another beautiful beach suburb. The walk stretches over 6 kilometres along the ocean and features amazing views leading past beaches, parks, cliffs, bays and rock pools. We took a bit longer than 2 hours to complete the walk, but I have to say that this is including many times we stopped for photos, or just sat down to enjoy the view or the beautiful sunset.


We took a bit longer than 2 hours to complete the walk, but I have to say that this is including many times we stopped for photos, or just sat down to enjoy the beautiful view.


It was my second time doing the walk and this time I have even enjoyed it more than I remembered it. There is so much to explore and see and every new bay you enter surprises you anew. For me this is just an absolute must-do when in Sydney and it absolutely deserves to be the #2 on Tripadvisor’s list of the best things to do when in Sydney.


Towards the end of the walk we sat down for a bit to watch the sun go down. An absolutely magic picture, with the bright orange colour at the horizon and light reflecting on the surface of the water.


And to perfectly end the day we had dinner at the Coogee Pavilion, my favourite restaurant in Sydney. They serve great seafood and fish, like oysters and sashimi, but you should definitely also try one of their fantastic wood-fired pizzas. The downstairs area has a great charm, looking like a old-fashioned market hall, with the chefs making the food fresh and public in different spots spread out over the place and other little shops, like a flower stall and even a barber. And I like the ping pong tables, too. This place really makes you feel comfortable from the moment you come in and you can easily spend many hours there, without even getting close to feeling bored. Another highlight? On weekends they open their adults-only rooftop bar. The ideal place to enjoy a cocktail while looking over the Coogee shoreline.


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