The Lagoon

To be honest the city of Cairns is pretty small and there is not so much to do there, but one thing that is definitely worth one, or multiple visits is the Lagoon. As you can’t swim in the ocean in that part of Australia due to the threat of stingers and crocodiles, the lagoon is a free public pool in the center of the city in order to offer locals and tourists a safe swimming location. It is a beautiful place, with a huge seawater pool that is surrounded by lawn and white sand beach. There are sprinklers and fountains in the water and you can even see the ocean as the Lagoon is right at the Esplanade. Also there is music played all day long and sometimes they even have DJ’s performing right next to the pool.


It was a super hot day today, so went there with a few people we met at the hostel and spent the whole day chilling there, tanning on the sand, listening to the music and enjoying life. In the evening we cooked up a little barbecue at one of the free public BBQ’s at the lagoon, sat back down on the beach and watched the sun go down over the ocean.

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