Palazzo Versace – a weekend in luxury

Last weekend a long cherished dream became reality, as we were generously invited to spend a weekend away at the Palazzo Versace on the Gold Coast of Australia. Not only is the hotel an absolute high-end getaway, which is a local icon and internationally renowned for it’s outstanding luxury facilities. It also, as the name reveals is dedicated to and designed in style of my all time favourite fashion brand: Versace!


With that said, it’s natural that we have arrived there with ultra high expectations and I know well enough that this can sometimes be a bad omen, making a good time feel very disappointing just because it hasn’t managed to be the best time ever. With the Palazzo Versace although, I most definitely have not been disappointed!


From the moment of arrival, when we walked over the stunning driveway mosaic ( the second largest in the world! ) and through the massive roman columns lining the entrance to enter the luxurious foyer hall, we felt like we had just stepped into an antique Italian royal palace. With magnificent marble floors, big pillars crowned with beautiful, golden capitals, a pianist playing classical melodies on a noble piano, a gigantic 750 kg chandelier hanging from the high ceiling and beautiful round lounges in Versace’s extravagant yet classy signature style all framed by loads of beautiful fresh and fragrant flowers the interior design of the Palazzo is something just so perfect I could rave about it for ever.


Through the glass front at the back of the foyer we sneaked our first peak at the guests-only pool area, but owed to our late arrival and it already being dark outside we could only guess it’s full extent. We went to have a little snack and a glass of wine while enjoying the marina view at the hotel’s Vie Bar and Restaurant and then crawled into bed, very excited to get up early the next morning to make the best use of our day.


The following morning could not have been any better! After waking up super relaxed in what must be the most comfortable bed we have ever slept in we quickly got ready for the day and half an hour later we found ourselves all refreshed, sitting on a table overlooking the bright pool area at the Palazzo Versace’s second restaurant, where they serve a phenomenal buffet breakfast. We have absolutely indulged in the broad variety of choices, but especially loved the delicious fresh fruit and spiced yoghurts, juices and what always is a very important breaki component for me: finest bakery and high-quality condiments.


Now full of new energy we set off to finally explore the full beauty of the pool area in bright daylight. The large space is completely shut of from the outer world, being enclosed by the hotel building on three sides and opening up to the broad water on the fourth. This leads to a very pleasant intimate feel and quite the serenity inside which I absolutely loved.


The pool itself is very generous with a bright fake sand beach on the front side. You have the choice to relax on one of the Versace beanbags on the sand right next to the water or stretch yourself out on the large shadowed luxury day beds. Just be careful, choosing the day bed might mean that, like in our case, you are stuck there for many hours, not wanting to leave this spot of ultimate relaxation.









We stayed at the pool for so long that we almost ended up being late for meeting our friends out for dinner that night ( we made it in time! it’s just been a bit hectic haha ). Another benefit of the Palazzo Versace clearly is it’s location. Leave the hotel premises through the northern entrance and it will lead you straight onto a pretty little boardwalk along the hotel-own marina and the broad water canal. It’s a great opportunity to take a walk and appreciate the beautiful scenery, but also does is lead you to numerous high-end restaurants with fabulous cuisine and alfresco dining overlooking the water. We had a great night catching up with some good friends at Omeros Brothers Seafood and ended up having quite a few drinks post-dinner.


After a big night out the following morning did not feel quite as refreshing as the first one did and so we decided to sleep in for a bit and get our breakfast delivered by the room-service ( best decision ever! ) A hangover certainly never feels great, but I could not think of anywhere more comforting and soothing than the Palazzo. Our room has been very spacious: unlike most other hotels we have been to it had a bedroom as well as a big living room with a dining table, two couches and a TV. The bathroom has been amazing as well, featuring both a big rain shower and a jacuzzi bathtub ( you can call the receptions and they arrange a scented bath with flowers and candles and chocolate fondue! ). And not to forget! Same as the complete rest of the hotel, all rooms are designed in full authentic Versace style. From the floor, over beddings, decoration, pillows, furniture, curtains, taps, window glasses, toiletries to towels and even cutlery and glasses: Everything had a touch of Versace and we loved it! 12752056_1134146459942418_1244838314_o

We finally got out of bed when the room service rang our door bell to bring in our breakfast order. Struggling to make decisions as usual when we are hungover we could’t decide whether we should go sweet or savoury and ended up having both, eggs benedict bagels and pancakes! And a big milkshake of course! It’s been an absolute dream, made better by the fact that we still haven’t had to put proper clothes on. Yes!


And for whoever might expect this to be the end of our lazy phase and for us to really get our lives together and have a productive day: Sorry to disappoint you, but getting the tanning oil out and spending the day at our own private pool seemed like a much better idea!

At this point, thanks to the Palazzo Versace for an incredible weekend. We have certainly enjoyed every moment of it. 🙂


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  1. Kerri McConnel
    Kerri McConnel says:

    Ah, the fabulous Palazzo Versace. It’s been there so long now that I almost forget about it being there, and of course, with a reputation for being pretty fancy, it’s not somewhere I’ve stayed. Looks like you’ve been treated to a great weekend there and had some great food and relaxation as well.

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