Loving Airlie Beach!

We have been staying at Airlie Beach for the last two days, just enjoying life and cooling down a bit before we are starting our Whitsundays sailing trip from here tomorrow. And we don’t want to leave this place anymore! It’s very small and therefore probably not the most exciting place we have ever been to, but people are so friendly and the atmosphere is very homely, what made us feel comfortable and eased from the moment we arrived. It’s just a feel-good place. Most of the shops and nightlife of the city are in one street as well, making it really easy to navigate around and the lagoon is beautiful and a great place to meet new people.

Today we took a short board walk along the ocean to the Abell Point Marina and had a delicious lunch there, at a restaurant called Sorrento Restaurant & Bar. We had the perfect view from our table and as I was watching all the boats leaving I became very excited for tomorrow, when we are going to board our own sailing ship for the next 3 days.

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