Latest news! We are off to Sydney!

We are currently sitting in the arrival hall of the Sydney airport, waiting for our baggage, therefore I’ve got a few minutes for an update. This morning we have had a super early start. Following the invitation of the Royal Exchange Hotel (thank you so much for that, by the way), we made our way to the airport, as it was still dark outside, in order to catch our 6 am flight from Brisbane to Sydney. Not the slightest problem though, as the excitement for this very last-minute trip was absolutely making up for the lack of sleep and I absolutely love those cuddled up plane naps anyway. It was only a couple of days ago, that we were informed about this trip, but since then we were thoroughly looking forward to it.


The last time we had been to Sydney, the weather was pretty bad and the time was tight, so we left with the feeling, that we haven’t quite seen the full potential of the city. Its perfect that we now get the second chance to explore the city and hopefully the weather will be on our side, too (the forecast looks great!). And then, there is another highlight, that I haven’t even mentioned so far: Tonight we’ll be at the ANZ Stadium to watch the Broncos and the Cowboys compete in the NRL Grand Final. We are excited!!


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