Koala spotting on Magnetic Island

After an awesome sleep on Patrick’s couch we got up early today to make the rest of the drive to the ferry terminal in Townsville, were we boarded a Sealink ferry to Magnetic Island. It leaves every hour between 6 am and pm and takes about 25 minutes to get there. Tickets cost around 30 $ return.

We spent our day exploring the island on foot and the great network of walking tracks took us to some awesome places. My favourite part of the day was wandering along the paths of Forts Walk. Starting at Horseshoe Bay, one of the most beautiful beaches of Magnetic Island, we followed a pretty steep track up to the historic World War 2 fortifications, that are hidden in the bushes up there.


We kept hiking up further up the mountain and the views started to get better and better and as we finally arrived at the top we had an incredible 360 degree view over the whole island.


But now to the highlight of the day and the reason we came here originally: Magnetic Island is said to be the best place in the world, to see free Koalas in their natural habitat. And it did not disappoint us. Sure, you have to be alert to spot them, as they are pretty well camouflaged. But watching out for them, we were able to find quite many. Just little sleepy, fluffy packets hanging around in the trees next to the path. One of them was even sitting so low, that we could literally stand next to him and touch him. That was so much more than we had expected! Definitely worth the walk and so much better than just looking at them in a zoo.

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