Hello Down Under!

We have just landed in Cairns this morning and it still feels pretty weird to be back in a surrounding that is as modern and progressive as we know it from back home. But there is no time to mourn after what we left behind, as we are already looking forward to starting our next adventure. For one month we have rented ourselves a Traveller’s Autobarn campervan which we are going to take on a road trip along the Australian East Coast all the way down to Sydney, where we will hopefully arrive in time to catch our next flight to Perth. We are super excited and a bit nervous for what is going to happen, as we both have never done a trip like that before and the distance we have to travel is quite huge (2400 km!!). We also, to make the experience even better haven’t really planned our stops yet, but have decided to profit from the fact that we are not dependent on public transport or accommodation and make that up as we go. So get back on the blog from time to time and share the surprises with us.


Anyway, for the next five days that we have left before we are picking up our camper we are staying at the Gilligan’s party hostel. We have only checked in this morning and I am already loving it here. The hostel offers awesome facilities, such as modern en-suite bathrooms, nice clean kitchens, a big pool and sunbathing area and a deck bar next to the pool. The hostel also hosts two clubs next door, that are meant to be the best party locations in Cairns.

We will go and check that out tonight and I will let you now more about that in the next days.

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