Finally! i’ve got my girls back!

Today is a special day. After Jasmin has already come up from Sydney a couple days ago, finally Nina, my best friend from back home in Germany landed in Brisbane last night and I can not even describe how excited I was when we picked her up at the airport. The last time I have seen her was almost one year ago before I left Germany to travel the world. Back then, both of us were thinking that I would be back home by now, but as my plans obviously have changed on the way, she is now visiting me in Australia for the next three weeks. I am so excited!

I have so many things planned for the girls, to make them experience what I love about Australia and my new home city Brisbane. And eventually I will take Nina on a little road trip to show her what my time as a backpacker in Australia was like. So take a look back on the page from time to time as I will be trying to capture and share as much of our activities as I can.


The photos were taken during our picnic at Kedron Brook this morning. We had selfmade banana pancakes with blueberry and strawberry compott and macadamia mousse. It was delicious!


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