Scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef- alone!

We have had an absolutely amazing day today, scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef. The world’s largest coral reef is an absolute icon and it’s probably every scuba diver’s dream to get to explore it once. For us that dream came true today. We went out on the reef with a ProDive Cairns boat and have done two dives, the first one with a dive guide, to get familiar with the unknown conditions. The dive site was incredibly beautiful and I just enjoyed it so much to be scuba diving again. And then, our second dive we did just by ourselves. Even though we have done quite a number of dives already and both felt confident doing it by ourselves now, it was still very exciting to be on our own now. It was great, though.


And if just that wouldn’t have been enough adrenaline, pretty much in the middle of our dive, about 18 meters deep we encountered sharks. One reef shark at first, that one was pretty far away and did not seem to be interested in us. As this one had disappeared there were to more sharks coming up, closer this time and they definitely had noticed us. Also even if the size was approximately the same, they did not quite look like the Reef Shark before. At one point one of them even came up so close that we I could have touched it. It was indescribably fascinating but a scary as well. But luckily, just as I started to worry a bit, both of them disappeared again. After ending our dive I went to describe what they were looking like to the guide we went with before and realised that those sharks were in fact not the harmless Reef Sharks, but baby Tiger Sharks! Pretty happy I did not now that under water, but it’s a good story for our first dive on our own.

We are back at the hostel now and I’m so exhausted that i will probably fall asleep as soon as I finish this. What a day!


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