Club Swizzle!

Just came home from seeing the awesome Club Swizzle at the Brisbane Festival. It was such a good show! Set in a hazy nightclub atmosphere, with a stage functioning as a bar before the show and in the interval, the show consisted of “bits” of performances from various performers. From singers, tap-dancers, contortionists (her performance on top of a turning disco ball was absolutely beautiful by the way), to the Swizzle boys, a group of 4 performing incredible acrobatics -while serving drinks! All very different, but all brilliant as well. Our highlight of the show though was Murray Hill. He was the perfect ringleader for this spectacle: hilarious and cheeky, but in a very warm way. Challenging couples in the audience to make out, calling up a 16-year-old for a pole dance competition (he has done a surprisingly good job!) and just leading through the night without taking himself too seriously.

Club Swizzle_20150624_075900_882

Short: Club Swizzle with it’s amazing atmosphere and all it’s endearing characters has created a perfect night, letting the time just fly by.

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