A rainy day at the rainforest

As you should probably expect, when doing a trip into the rainforest, today was veery rainy. Our day has already started wet when we were waking up this morning in our soaked sheets in the back of our camper van, which what we know now is obviously not waterproof. Luckily the temperature is still incredibly hot, and so the rain is refreshing at least, to see the positive side.


Ignoring the weather we started our return trip down the coast early in the morning, to have enough time to fit in all the stops we wanted to do. At first we went to do a bush walk to get deeper in the rainforest and wander around. We were absolutely soaked afterwards but the walk was definitely worth it.



Next thing was the Mount Alexandra Lookout, from where you get an awesome view over the rainforest, the Daintree River and the ocean. Without exaggeration: This was the best lookout i have ever seen and definitely a highlight on my travels so far. The atmosphere and all the nature around were just mind-blowing.


After crossing the river we stopped again, to get on a boat that took us on a river safari to see the wild crocodiles of the Daintree. It was really hard to spot them, especially in the rain, but we have seen a few quite big ones and 2 babys. It’s so cool to see them in freedom, but also a bit scary to imagine that those animals are just swimming around in the waters up here. Definitely reminds you to be careful.


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