A night full of surprises

Today we were meant to drive all the way to Townsville, from where we want to take the ferry to Magnetic Island tomorrow morning. But unfortunately we only came to start our drive when it was already afternoon and so we we already knew that we were going to struggle to arrive there in time before it would be getting dark. Driving in the dark is according to our rental service too dangerous because you can’t see animals, especially kangaroos early enough to avoid them- also our insurance would not cover any accidents happening after dawn. So we decided that we would try to get as far as possible and then look for a close camp site where we could spend the night.


And so we did. It slowly got dark and we followed a sign, that was promising a campsite onto a small path in the middle of nowhere. It was already dark when after about 15 minutes we came to a big premise with a house and assuming, or maybe just hoping this was were we wanted to go we pulled in and started to get sorted for the night. Suddenly a guy came out of the house and started talking to us. Turns out, we have not parked our camper on a camp site but in the front yard of his family home. Pretty fortunate for as though, as Patrick invited us in to meet his lovely family. They have just been incredibly welcoming and even invited us to sleep on their couch. The rest of the night was well-spend, sitting on the veranda and drinking beers with Patrick and his friend Trent. And what i didn’t even mention so far, with their baby pig! The cutest thing i have ever seen and you even can feed it with a bottle! It’s unreal!!

So funny how things are turning out sometimes..

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