Krüger National Park!

Today was awesome! We left our campsite early in the morning to drive deeper in the Krüger National Park, where we have been on game drives for the whole day. The park is one of the biggest game reserves in Africa and has a the most species of large mammals of all of them.


I was looking forward to this so long and it definitely was one of the greatest things I’ve experienced so far, to see all those animals walking around freely in their natural habitat. It was sometimes quiet hard to spot the animals cause they can hide and camouflage themselves so well. This made the it even more fun though, because you stay alert all the time in order to not miss anything and when someone in the group spots an animal everyone immediately gets really excited.


This little baby elephant was my favorite spotting of today. He and his mama crossed the street right in front of us. While the mother was not interested in us at all, he gave us a long curious and joyful look. The cutest thing I’ve ever seen!


At the end of our day at Krüger our Guide took us to a big plateau from which we could overlook the huge area of the Greater Krüger. It was a very nice ending to an amazing day at the National Park. We have been lucky enough to see 3 of the Big 5 already: Elephants, rhinos and buffalos. Cheetahs and Lions, I’ll spot you next time!

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